Why Go Solar?

While it’s well known that solar is clean and helps the environment, what has opened up solar to vastly more people, and led it to become the fastest growing new electricity source in the United States, is that solar is now the least expensive source of electricity on the planet.

Climate change is hurting your daily life. Now, you can make a choice to generate your own clean energy and save money doing it! Reduce your energy bills today.

How Solar Power Works

Solar energy is a great alternative for anyone who values independence and efficiency. Find out below how it works.

What Options Are Available?

We have agreements with leading financiers and installers to help get you started with solar immediately, and can make sure you’re getting the best deal possible based on your financial situation. Whether that means leasing or buying your panels outright, we can help design a solution that works for you.


PPA - Power Purchase Agreement

Lock in low energy rates for no upfront cost and enjoy peace-of-mind for the time you are serviced.

OWN - Power Your Independence

Take control of your energy and convert spending into an asset that works to produce energy for you.

LEASE - Predictable Monthly Savings

Lower your monthly cost for electricity and receive the benefits of a predictable monthly savings that you can rely on.

How Can Solar Benefit You?

You can help protect the environment now and for future generations by producing your own clean solar energy. Every solar power system we install decreases the amount of fossil fuels needed to generate electricity, which in turn reduces the pollutants contributing to global warming.