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Most motorcycle wrecks involve significant injuries and damages. Motorcycle drivers and passengers are less protected than those driving an automobile. In Texas motorcycle injury accident claims, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel to aid you in recovering from your injuries and developing your case. It is difficult to anticipate the extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation services and the life-long impact of serious injuries following a motorcycle crash. Our team will work hard for your motorcycle injury case to help you on your road to recovery, to help you get your life back on track, and to help you obtain maximum compensation for what was taken from you.

Insurance companies (even your own) are not looking out for your best interest. They don’t exist to help you recover. They don’t exist to pay you a fair amount of money for your injuries, pain, and suffering. They exist primarily to make money for their shareholders and executives. To that end, they often delay, deny, or underpay Texas motorcycle accident injury claims. Remember: Even though car accident claims and motorcycle claims are very similar, we have found that insurance companies are often biased against bikers.

What Should You Do Immediately After A Motorcycle Accident?

Get out of the road and off to the side to check for injuries and to verify you do not have a life-threatening injury. Make sure the other driver is safe and contact 911 or the police department. Specifically request that police be sent to the scene. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort whatsoever inform the investigating officer(s) and get medical help immediately. Of course, if you or the other driver suffered a severe or life-threatening injury requiring emergency medical care, let the 911 operator know. Identify any witnesses and obtain their name, number, and address (investigating officers rarely include this information in their police report). Obtain a copy of the at-fault driver’s insurance card and driver’s license. Take photos of all vehicles involved and the scene.

Should You Move Your Motorcycle From The Accident Scene?

Whether to move the cars or motorcycle out of the way before police come may depend upon the severity of the injuries, the drivability of the car or bike, and whether the location of the car or bike could cause other drivers to crash. Sometimes it is best to leave them where they are, so the investigating police officer can see what occurred. If possible, before moving your motorcycle or allowing the at-fault driver(s) to move their automobile(s), you should take a lot of photographs of the scene of the motorcycle wreck and of both vehicles.

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