Top 5 Causes for 18 Wheeler Accidents

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Top 5 Causes for 18 Wheeler Accidents With their enormous size and limited maneuverability, it doesn’t take much for an 18-wheeler to lose control. From hazardous road conditions to various forms of driver error, there are numerous factors that can cause dangerous collisions – and entitle collision victims to seek just compensation. Our 18-wheeler accident attorney Israel Garcia and his personal injury team will provide experienced personalized counsel to walk you through this difficult time.
Construction Worker Injuries due to Negligence in Texas Construction sites are dangerous places. The work is very physical. Construction workers also are often required to use powerful machinery, climb to great heights or work on roadsides where traffic accidents may occur. Unfortunately, because of the inherent nature of the work, construction workers face a serious risk of injuries on the job. Allow a lawyer from the Law Office of Israel Garcia to examine your case
Should I Agree to Give a Statement or Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company Adjuster Insurance adjusters are doing the work of the insurance companies which employ them. Insurance companies maximize their profits by paying out as little as possible in settlements. Their goal is to get you to settle for as little as possible (when it is too soon to know the full extent of your injuries), and anything that you say may be
Whos is at fault in a rear-end accident in texas? 1.) Who is at fault in a rear-end collision? In most rear-end motor vehicle accidents, the rear driver is at fault for the accident. However, the rear driver is not always at fault in a rear-end collision. The lead driver or another vehicle could be the cause of the rear-end accident. In Texas, determining who is at fault in a car accident is important because
The United States Has Suspended Commercial Truck Drivers Limits to Speed Coronavirus Shipments U.S. highway-safety regulators are suspending rules that limit daily driving hours for commercial truck drivers moving emergency supplies response to the nationwide coronavirus outbreak. The Transportation Department’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced the nationwide exemption Late Friday, following President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency over the pandemic. While we understand the emergency and the decisions made during these uncertain times
Important things to do immediately following a car or truck crash Steps that many people don’t know to do: When safe to do so, check for injuries. Call 911/police. Request that police be sent to the scene. Report any pain/discomfort to police officer(s). Get medical help immediately (report urgent care needs to 911 operators). Identify witnesses (obtain name, number, address) (investigating officers rarely include this information in their police report). Obtain a copy of the

Should I CALL 911 After a Car Accident?

Posted by admin on  April 21, 2020
Should I CALL 911 After a Car Accident? In the U.S., you’re taught to call 911 in case of emergency, but not for minor incidents. For instance, if you are hurt in an accident and you, a family member, or friend can drive to the emergency room, then there may not be a need to call 911. However, there are many gray areas and what happens when you aren’t sure if it’s appropriate to call?
Warehouse Injuries Amidst the Chaos of Demand in a Nation-wide Pandemic “Apart from the fact that frontline workers are at high risk of exposure to the virus, there is also incredible pressure on them to double their efforts in the workplace despite health hazards,” says Slominski. “Already, some store workers and medical staff are wondering if their added physical exertions might give rise to a claim.” Ms. Slominski, who has been practicing for almost 30
MOST Dangerous Weather Hazard to Drive Through: Are You Taking Proper Precautions? Driving in fog is considered to be the most dangerous weather hazard, especially if it is exceptionally dense fog or combined with other adverse weather conditions. Foggy conditions are the number one cause of large multi-car pile ups. However, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of a crash. Drivers must be able to navigate through rain, ice, heavy
Our Heartfelt Gratitude to American Truckers Going the Extra Mile Due to the Coronavirus Over the past week, Americans have rushed to stock up on goods as they prepare to hunker down to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. We’ve watched schools, businesses, major sports and other cultural pillars come to a complete stop as personal health and well-being take top priority. The American trucker sits at a vital intersection in society. Major national crises tend
Truckers Worry. Will They Ultimately Be the Carriers of the Coronavirus? The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is beginning to affect US trucking, but its impact isn’t necessarily what was expected. Truck drivers who haul consumer goods, especially healthcare and cleaning products, are lining up to pick up loads, and getting better rates, as US consumers purchase toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and other emergency supplies en masse. US truckers have yet to face — and hopefully

Does Safety Really Come First?

Posted by admin on  March 17, 2020
Does Safety Really Come First? Common sense steps to put the safety of Texas families and small business owners first. “As our state’s economy thrives and our population booms, Texas families and communities face new threats to their physical and financial safety. On the road, on the job, and in the home, Texans are looking for meaningful protections and strong accountability measures. So, priority one for lawmakers should be to adopt common sense steps to

The Truth About the Insurance Companies

Posted by admin on  February 1, 2019
The Truth About the Insurance Companies Insurance Companies in Texas continue to, “Delay, Deny, and Defend”. “Texans pay their premiums each month in exchange for a promise that their premiums will be paid in full and on time. Unfortunately, bureaucrats have allowed insurance companies to abuse their customers in ways that increase their bottom line. Over the past decade, these companies have carved up their policies, offering less coverage, while continuing to raise premiums. As

Keeping Everyone Accountable

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Keeping Everyone Accountable Are the legal rights of Texas being ripped out from under them in favor of special interests? “When bad actors put the lives and livelihoods of Texas families at risk, that wrongdoer should be held accountable. This simple concept, immortalized in the Seventh Amendment of our constitution, is under attack. Texans are slowly being stripped of their legal rights in favor of special interests. Texas families and businesses need strong accountability protections
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